Beer for Bushfire Relief


The Resilience Beer project is owned by the community and has been formed as a collaborative effort from the industry. 

The Concept

All interested parties are invited to brew their version of the Resilience Beer based upon a recipe developed by a collaborative party of brewers, working alongside suppliers to ensure availability of ingredients.

Participating Australian brewers are asked to nominate how much beer they plan to brew and where they intend to sell / distribute the beer. This is to minimise crossover in supply from different brewers within Australia.

Who is brewing RESILIENCE BEER?

You can find all registered breweries here.

What charities can I donate to if I brew the RESILIENCE BEER?

It is understood that in a project of such scale that has arisen in a very short space of time, there is no “one size fits all” approach. However, aside from the above guidelines in terms of where funds can be directed, we recommend the following:

*Please be sure to contact the benefactor of any funds raised through Resilience if you intend to use the organisation's name or likeness in any advertising.*


WIRES are an animal rescue service in New South Wales, which help care for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

Australian Red Cross Society

Red Cross provides local support where it's needed to tens of thousands of people during and after the emergencies.


Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal

FRRR is the only national organisation offering small, discretionary funds to regional communities within Australia.

Fire Relief for First Nations Communities

Many First Nations people have been affected by these tragic circumstances with losses of homes/ severe damage to property and important parts of the landscape. Many of these communities have now been forced to evacuate the regions of their homes and forced to seek temporary / ongoing living arrangements in other parts of Victoria and NSW. More here.

Country Fire Services and Associations

SA: CFS Foundation




WA: Various options here

What about sales into (Australian) national accounts?

There will be a larger brew(s) of the Resilience Beer in cans and kegs to supply major retailers within Australia to maximise reach and fundraising capability without impacting sales and distribution of smaller scale brews.

Where will the profits be going?

Profits / proceeds from sales of the beer are to be donated to causes related to bushfire relief. Individual businesses are invited to nominated their chosen charities / recipients. For the large scale brew(s), the funds raised will be split between a number of causes agreed on by the community group organisation and shared with all.

Why are you asking me to forecast my fundraising total?

As a community, we're hoping to see a large impact from Resilience Beer donations. But because we're asking breweries to donate on their own behalf this is going to be the only way we can tally the industry total. 

My brewery was impacted by the fires. What can I do?

Where breweries have been impacted by the fires, either through loss of property, equipment or trade due to the lack of visitation to their regions, they are welcome to use income from their brews within their own business and local community.

Who can I get in contact with if I have questions?

The Resilience Beer project will be overseen by an industry group. The main contact for Resilience Beer is Tiffany Waldron at

Can non-Australian breweries participate?

Yes! Everyone is encouraged to take part! International breweries are invited to be part of the project and donate to bushfire related causes.

The Recipe

You can find the recipe here. 

Where can I get the ingredients for this recipe?

Ingredients are widely available, but can be found with support from the following suppliers:

Cryer Malt - Yakima Chief Hops - HPA - East Coast Canning - Kegstar - Mauribrew - Gladfields Malt - Freestyle Hops - Bintani - Propogate Labs - Yakima Valley Hops - Country Malt Group - Great Western Malting - Canada Malting Co - Barrett Burston

For the large scale brew(s), ingredients are being donated by (TBA) to maximise potential fundraising.

Are we able to alter the recipe to suit our needs or our brewery?

The spirit of the Resilience campaign is to brew a single beer and share it with the wider community. The recipe has been developed to be approachable and practical for a range of different brewery setups. 

Some configuration will be required to adapt the recipe to your individual system and water profiles, but the idea is that we all aim to achieve a similar outcome. Substituting or adding ingredients that would substantially change the outcome isn’t in the spirit of the campaign. That being said, do what is practical and achievable within the advised recipe framework.



As a minimum, we ask that participating brewers donate all profits to their chosen cause. 
The exception here is impacted brewers, where funds may be used to help rebuild the business itself.

Participants may wish to contribute all proceeds, therefore covering all costs involved in making and distributing the beer, but this is not expected.

There are businesses throughout the beer industry – suppliers, packaging operations, distributors, etc – eager to support the Resilience Beer. It is therefore recommended that brewers speak to their network of contacts to explore potential cost savings.


Where venues are supplied with Karma Kegs, 100 percent of takings from sale of the beer should be donated to the supplying brewer’s chosen cause(s).

If kegs are being purchased (for example from an impacted brewery) then takings minus the cost of the beer should be donated to the supplying brewer’s chosen cause(s).

If venues wish to run additional fundraising drives alongside the sales of the Resilience Beer they can choose where to direct their funds.

The Resilience Beer is a 5.0% Pale Ale. We recommend standard pricing across all sales (not including where donations are welcomed)


We are suggesting pricing for Resilience across Australian venues to ensure equality nationwide. Pricing will be available once suppliers have been confirmed.