Beer for Bushfire Relief

The Resilience Beer

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All interested parties are invited to brew their version of the Resilience Beer based upon a recipe developed by a working party of brewers made up of Scott Hargrave, Shane Ferguson, Phil O'Shea and Nick Calder-Scholes, working alongside suppliers to ensure availability of ingredients.

Participating Australian brewers are asked to nominate how much beer they plan to brew and where they intend to sell / distribute the beer. This is to minimise crossover in supply from different brewers within Australia.


There will be a larger brew(s) of the Resilience Beer in cans and kegs to supply major retailers within Australia to maximise reach and fundraising capability without impacting sales and distribution of smaller scale brews.

A number of suppliers in Australia, NZ and globally have come on board to support brewers participating in the RESILIENCE Beer project. 

We ask that you contact your local rep from these companies to discuss any discounts or donations once you've registered. 

Cryer Malt

Yakima Chief Hops

Hop Products Australia 

East Coast Canning


Gladfield Malts


Freestyle Hops


Propogate Lab

Yakima Valley Hops

Country Malt Group

Great Western Malting

Canada Malting Co

Barrett Burston

The spirit of the Resilience campaign is to brew a single beer and share it with the wider community. The recipe has been developed to be approachable and practical for a range of different brewery setups. 

Some configuration will be required to adapt the recipe to your individual system and water profiles, but the idea is that we all aim to achieve a similar outcome. Substituting or adding ingredients that would substantially change the outcome isn’t in the spirit of the campaign. That being said, do what is practical and achievable within the advised recipe framework.

Resilience Beer Recipe